It's time to rediscover yourself
Your power ....
Your magic.....
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YOUR alpha goddess
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She LOST HersElF to the WoRLD...
She played by the rules
She put others before herself
And in the process she lost herself 

Lost her sparkle, her shine, her magnetism, her POWER  
Lost the woman she once was 
The woman who lit up a room
The woman who people listened to  
The woman who knew she could get anything she wanted  

She forgot how to be a powerful WOMAN in a toxic masculine world.

She became who they told her to BE 
She became the mom, the wife, the business woman she was SUPPOSED to be
And all along….  
They were telling her lies.
Feeding her programming that kept her down, kept her quiet, kept her in place  
Kept her from herself... her power, her MAGIC.  

Kept her from her ALPHA GODDESS.  

This course is not a program. It is not something to learn.
It is a deep activation, a breakdown of all the lies you have learned, 
an activation of the magic from within.

If you crave to lead in way that feels good, that feels powerful... this is for you.
If you want DEEP connections with your family, your partner, your clients... this is for you.

If you want to be a magnetic, sexy person that men desire and women want to be... this is for you.

If you desire to create a life of your dreams in the easiest way possible
in a way that feels good 
that doesn’t require hustle and heavy lifting... this is for you.

If you want to be the MAGIC women you came here to be...

If you want to feel empowered in all situations - business, relationships, parenting...
 Advanced issue found

something that is first

a woman whose great charm or beauty arises adoration. A female DEITY. A great female power.

A female leader, one of great charm and beauty, with great power from within, who goes first. Goes first for herself, for her family, for her community, for the world. A woman who leads the world back to the balance that has been lost. 

 To be a woman is to be magical. To be a woman is to be magnetic, mystical, mysterious,
Alpha Goddess will reconnect YOU to your divine goddess, to your alpha goddess,
 to the magical and magnificent woman you were meant to be in this world

It's TIme For A New World

Ten years ago the Dalai Lama said that western women will save the world. He was partially right: western women are going to make a change, but we aren’t going to save the world. 
We are going to create a new one.

Now is the time, more than ever. It's time to transform, to rise up, to find the real you, and discover what you are truly here for.

To learn how to communicate in a way where you ALWAYS get what you want, where people listen to you, move for you and support you in ways you can only dream of.
We will work together to remove the toxic masculine energy that you have been operating in, that has become your default. 

Learn to forgive and reconnect to the goddess you have abandoned and disconnected from.

  Reactivate your magical feminine energy and connect like you never have before.

Connect to spirit and the divine in a deeper way.

Learn to receive like the magical muse you were meant to be.
The magic you will learn here will overflow into your relationships, your business, your bank account.

Learn how to get your point of view and opinion out in a way that they are well received and you are seen as powerful and dynamic instead of a nag or a bitch.  

Our world has devalued what it means to be a woman more than ever.

We fight for equality, but equality is not what we are after. Being valued equally as a WOMAN, is the true goal.

We are the universe. We hold the universe in our bodies. We are the creators, the magic of this world. 

We see and know the world in a different way.

We move mountains with our emotions, our words, our energy.

When a woman is in her alpha goddess energy, the world moves for her. 
She shifts, the world shifts. 

ALL WOMEN have this power.....
But you must understand the magic that you hold to access it. That's what this course is all about. 


Alpha Goddess is a program that teaches women how to be women again. Showing you how to remove the toxic masculine energy that has created fear, shame, guilt and lack of confidence in your life and activating your feminine magic. 
Reconnecting you to your divine goddess, and showing you how to be in the magic that makes the whole world conspire for your dreams, desires and experiences.

This world has devalued the woman. It has taught us that to get ahead, to make an impact, to have power and wealth in this world... We must become men.
We must work hard, hustle, be strong and push, push, push.
We must set hard boundaries and stand up for ourselves, fight for what we believe in, speak our truth and be stronger than the boys if we are to get ahead.

We have been told we must be something different to be loved, accepted, powerful and successful.
And in believing these lies, we have abandoned ourselves. We have forgotten what it means to be a woman,
a POWERFUL woman, and how to be one in an overly masculine world.
Hello my beautiful souls!  Sara Longoria here! Simply put, I am a success mentor and teacher of energetics and manifestation to hundreds of individuals and companies around the world. I created my signature program — Rapid Manifestation Method — out of a pure desire to address the missing piece of the manifestation world. This is a groundbreaking energetic and manifestation system that teaches YOU how to use life in a way to create EXACTLY what you desire in the fastest way possible. 

My background is in data and numbers! I am a science nerd turned magic manifestor, which means I use my background in Biomedical Sciences, Neurophysiology, Energetics and Corporate Sales to help you break through your upper limit, and create unparalleled success. Most of my clients see massive leaps in income, spontaneous healing and lifestyle upgrades in as little as a few weeks. 

I'm on a mission to teach the world an easier and quicker way to create a life they absolutely love using non-traditional manifestation techniques, proven innovative strategies and energetic principles.
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